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We know the world is feeling a little unsettled right now and everyone is doing their best to practice social distancing and having a face mask is so important (and sometimes required).  


Some people prefer a solid colored mask...and while many solid color fabrics are hard to get now, we are lucky enough to have a stash of great solid fabrics!  These masks are reversible, which make them double duty! The reverse And while the solid masks are reversible, we make both sides the same color. 


PLEASE NOTE...this mask is not an N95 level mask, but is perfect for keeping your fingers away from your nose and mouth when you are out. 


Masks are made out of 100% cotton, with a contoured  design for comfort and breathability.  The mask design curves up over the nose and provides great coverage over the mouth and chin.  Each side of mask has an adjustable elastic band that you can wrap around your ears for a custom fit.  Face masks are machine washable.  These masks do not have a nose wire, but keep their fit and are comfortable for extended wear.

Solid Color Masks