This beautiful white dog leash is made from reflective dock line and is great for walking your dog in the evening or early morning hours. This reflective dog leash is made from 3/8" poly deck line and is mildew and chemical resistant. 

All handmade to fit the need for a strong dog lead..yet soft in the hand.

Ends are fired and handsewn together, then secured with a metal rope clamp to ensure a secure splice.


An outer layer of leather is applied and glued/stitched around the splice and finished with a hand stitch through the rope. You can choose Black, Dark Brown, Natural, or Aqua leather accent!

A large 3" swivel clip is attached -- your choice of nickel or brass.

Leash is available in three (approximate) lengths: 4', 5' and 6'.

Reflective Dock Line Leash (Choice of Colors)