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When we think of summer, we think of madras plaid! And we are loving this blue madras plaid fabric!  This 100% cotton fabric is a real traditional madras, with assorted plaid squares of fabric sewn together.  The fabric is thick and makes for a great looking bow tie!


Due to the thickness of this fabric, bows come in three sizes (sorry, no 4" bow is available), and a choice of attaching to your pup's collar via Velcro that wraps around their collar (up to 1") or with an elastic band.  Bows with elastic bands can be put around your dog's neck or worn as a headband. 


The bows shown here are the 6" bow size. Bows may not look exactly as pictured above, but we will make them to ensure you have the most "plaid" possible.


Please note: for bows with the elastric band, please do not leave on your dog if they will be unattended.



5 inch: 5" wide x 3" high (approximately)

6 inch: 6" wide x 3.5" high (approximately)

7 inch: 7" wide x 3.5" high (approximately)

Blue Madras Plaid

    • 100% cotton ties
    • Lined with interfacing to keep its shape
    • Spot clean
    • Lay flat to dry (do not put in the dryer)
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