It's good to be a Nauti Dog!


There's no better way to make an appearance at a summer gathering than with this sharp American Stars Bow!  This bow is a red fabric with white polka dots and a navy blue star in the middle of the dot.  Bows come in four sizes, and a choice of attaching to your pup's collar via Velcro that wraps around their collar (up to 1") or with an elastic band.  Bows with elastic bands can be put around your dog's neck or worn as a headband.  


Please note: for bows with the elastric band, please do not leave on your dog if they will be unattended.


NEW BOW ATTACHMENT OPTION!  Do you love the look of a crisp white shirt collar on your dog while they wear a beautiful bow or tie?  Then check out our  new Shirt Style Collar that allows you to "snap" new bows and neck ties to it!  If you already have our Shirt Style Collar, choose "Shirt Collar Snap" as your attachment selection.  



4 inch: 4"wide x 3" high (approximately) 

5 inch: 5" wide x 3" high (approximately)

6 inch: 6" wide x 3.5" high (approximately)

7 inch: 7" wide x 3.5" high (approximately)

American Stars Bow

    • 100% cotton bow ties
    • Hand wash
    • Lay flat to dry (do not put in the dryer)

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