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If you love the idea of having your dog's name on their bandana but are concerned it won't "pop" due to the pattern on the fabric, then the DOUBLE LAYER heat transfer vinyl name option is perfect for you!


Our Heat Transfer names are available in a choice of 20 beautiful fonts and a variety of colors.   Heat transfer vinyl looks great on the bandanas, and can still be washed and air dried. For double layer names, simply let us know what color you want as the "base" and what color you want for your dog's name. 


There is a limit of 12 letters per name and the size will be adjusted based on the size of bandana it is being applied onto.  On Large and X-Large bandanas, names are approximately 1.25" high and up to 5" long.  For smaller bandanas, the sizes will be adjusted accordingly.


Heat Transfer names will be applied to bandanas at the time of purchase.  


If you are ordering more than one bandana and would like names on more than one, please let us know which bandana this selection of font and color is for.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Double Layer Personalization

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